Thursday, January 12, 2012

Korean Vegetarian Food: Baramilsang (Part 2)

So here are some of the actual food that conservative Buddhists eat...

Woodear mushroom soup with mochi balls

These were their banchan (side dishes).
I thought, oh wait, kimchi is seasoned with garlic. I thought they were not supposed to have seasoned food!
And I was right...
They really did not season their kimchi with garlic...
It didn't taste anything like the kimchi that we normally eat.

Some taro soup with tofu!!!
Wait... I think this is the first time I tried taro...

They had two different types of rice.

This was the first kind, wrapped in lotus leaves.
It had the scent and the subtle taste of lotus leaves,
and I really liked this one.

This was the second kind
with some Korean herbs mixed with rice.
This one was good, too, but the first kind was more exotic.

They really did give us food in small amounts
because very conservative Buddhists believe in eating small amounts of food.

Monks don't have desserts,
but we got to have them since we were just guests :)
They had dried fruits and vegetables, sweet red bean paste, and sweet rice wine.
The one I just called "sweet rice wine" is actually not wine...
No matter how much you drink this, you can't get drunk,
but they're known as sweet rice wine, so I just called it that.

I feel so light after that, unlike when I eat oily food with lots of meat...
It was easy to digest, and I felt very pleasant after that.
I can't really express in words what I felt like,
so you guys should really try this out...!
Stay healthy!!!

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