Thursday, January 12, 2012

Korean Vegetarian Food: Baramilsang (Part 3-Interior)

I've done the food blog, but I remembered that I forgot to show you guys what the restaurant was like.
The quality and the taste of the food is important, but I think the interior of the restaurant is also very important.

Here is the BIG picture...

It really is a quite big place called Templestay.

Here's a rather small entrance, compared to its really big building...

The restaurant I was looking for was on the 5th floor where it says
"Templefood Balwoo Gongyang"
This place was so popular that you had to make a reservation at least THREE DAYS AHEAD!!!

They also charge you 10% of your cost for donation.
Yeah, it really defeats the whole point of "donation"...

here are how the waiters (who are probably Buddhists) are dressed:

They had very simple looks,
but I almost laughed out loud at their shoes...
I thought it'd look more traditional than a comfy slipper.....
It stuck out like a sore thumb :D

Bah.. I think I digressed too much...
Here's finally what I was supposed to show you in this blog, their interior:

Some may be surprised, and some may have expected this look.
From my personal opinion, I was on the surprised side.
I thought it'd have a more traditional look,
but I guess they modified it for their guests.


Sorry for digressing for too long!! :P
But I mean to show you as much as I can, so please count my thoughts :)

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