Thursday, January 12, 2012

Korean Vegetarian Food: Baramilsang (Part 1)

Barugongyang is a religious process of Buddhism,
and the food they eat is called Baramilsang
I'm not a Buddhist, so I don't know precisely how it goes,
but I know that because of their will to keep any kind of greed or laziness away,
they eat healthy, but very bland food with mostly no seasoning or spices.
This restaurant didn't do the religious rituals, but their purpose was to
give their customers a chance to taste what the conservative Buddhists eat.
As you may be guessing right now, it's COMPLETELY vegetarian.

This was our appetizer.
The Buddhists would not have the appetizers, but since this is a restaurant, they do have an appetizer.
It was a porridge made of  sweet potatoes and corn.

This is salad, in case you guys were wondering what these were... :P

Pan-fried vegetable stews made of ground beans, and even lotus roots.
The lotus roots were really good. They were still crunchy.

Mushroom sushi, tofu, and steamed dumplings.
The mushroom sushi first looked very unappetizing,
but it was actually really really good!
I'd have it again if I could.

Of course there was no meat in the dumplings,
but they actually tasted really good...
Even little kids who don't like vegetables would like this.

There were some herb rice-paper raps
and I think the white root spread out was codonopsis roots spread out...
Codonopsis has many benefits, and I think it's also known as "poor man's ginseng".
Weird name....

Mushroom Tangsuyook.
It's basically deep-fried mushrooms pan-fried in sweet and sour sauce.
It's so tasty...
It wasn't as good as Tangsuyook that we usually make with pork and some vegetables,
but it was still very good.

 They also gave us ginseng with honey.

They said that these were 4 years old, so I imagined it would be much bigger,
but it's so small I almost feel bad for eating it...

We'll be closing here,
but you should follow our next blog, which has actual food.

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