Sunday, March 25, 2012

Korean Health Food: Chung Guk Jang (Part 2)

3 days later...

remove the gauze and the blanket on top of the beans,
and it should look like this:

It now has a rather brownish color than a vanilla color.
So the color is supposed to get darker during the 3 day fermentation process.

After taking out the straws, just stir them a little bit.

They should be REALLY sticky....
It was pretty hard to stir.
In this process, you can put some salt if you want.
If not, then you could just put some salt when you use this food to cook something.

You could stop here,
but if you want to make it better, here's what you do...

Put the beans in.
This Korean traditional grinder made of rock would be ideal,
but it's not easy to find these, so you can just put them in a bowl.

Then rather than grinding, just smash a part of them.
Dont' smash all because it tastes good in food when you can kind of just
taste the beans that are not smashed....
Smash maybe 30~40% of them...?

...and we're done! :)

If you made a large amount, and if you cannot finish this in a couple days,
then preserve it by putting them in a freezer.
Unfreeze as much as you would like to have that day, but keep the rest frozen to preserve!
Enjoy some healthy chung guk jang...! :)

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