Monday, February 20, 2012

Korean Singer Psy(싸이) Rises Above K-pop

It's been more than 10 years since he has debuted,
but his popularity is still on fire unlike other singers of his age.
Well, here are two things almost everyone is certain about him:

1. He's butt-ugly.
2. But we all love him anyway because he's pure awesome and is very civil and nice.

Other facts:
I think he graduated in Berkeley school of Music....

When I say civil, I mean not only his heart but also as a Korean citizen.
It's mandatory for all Korean men to go to the army to serve the country for two years.
This guy, Psy, went to the army not once, but TWICE!
Civil and nice, eh?

For popular celebrities, going to army is like a death sentence to their popularity.
It's hard to get back their popularity after being two years in army,
but Psy just pulled if off like it was a piece of cake.

You may be tempted to put a "cho" at the end of his name and call him a "Psycho",
because he has a very unique style....

His belly fat's spilling out!!!
But I, as well as many many others, love him all the same
because he's so funny,
and many of his songs encourage positive attitude in a really cool way without being pathetic or geeky.

He's very passionate, funny, civil, and nice,
and being not-superstar-hot actually only adds to his popularity
because it shows that your looks can't get on your way
especially in such a appearance-based judging countries like Korea.
Well, this is why there are so many audiences in his show,
and it's HOT in there!

Like I said, when it comes to music,
I really should just shut my mouth and let you listen to the music...
Here it is, FINALLY:
These are the videos that someone took on his surprise concert.
Feel that heat....

Okay, too much heat from the audience...
This is how the song actually sounds:
This video encourages to express yourself and just have fun because that's what makes you a champion :)      (2002 released)

This guy really knows how to make his songs fun without swear words are sexual innuendos.
Now, that's RARE.

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  1. I found PSY's Gangnam Style video via Reddit here in the USA. I immediately ran through his entire YouTube channel.

    He has a new fan (and several more as I share his videos) here.

    His music, artistry, humor, and humanity completely transcend my lack of understanding the Korean language.

    Thank you, PSY!