Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Korea's National Student's Uniform: The North Face Jumpers

Hey, hey! Have you guys heard about this brand before?

I'm pretty sure everyone has at least heard of it.
If you want to really see it, don't go to the U.S. Just come to Korea.

This guy who works in the North Face company says that Korea is the #2 biggest market for the North Face products. Korea's probably one of the smallest countries in the world, yet it's #2 biggest buyer in the world???
And even worse, it's because of the STUDENTS?!


That can't be true.
Like... these cost up to $1000, and students can't really afford this.
Some parents may grant this, but not every parent can afford this either!


Holy mother! Yes it can!!!
Korea really is the #2 biggest buyer
thanks to Korean students very very vulnerable to trend.
As I have mentioned before, Korea is all about trend. Let me not tell you but SHOW you guys this time.


No joke.

But why???
Honestly, they look too casual to me, and there are plenty of other jackets that look just as good as North Face jackets. Why the ones from the North Face company???

Is it the celebrities wearing them bringing some kind of a trend?

Before assuming, let's hear what the students say about this.

Headline says: "Costly sports jumper as a uniform?"

These girls say: "If you don't wear this brand, you'll be looked down upon."

This guy says: "It's famous, so everyone wears this, and it kind of makes you look bigger..."

No good reason, like I expected.
It's merely a trend, just a lot more costly than other trends that came around.
Let's hope that diamond accessories for both genders will never become a trend...
I really criticize the way Koreans tend to be so vulnerable to trends :(
It'd be so much better if they could just have their own thing.

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