Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hanshinpocha, a Place Where Korea is Carefree

Pojangmacha (Cart Bars)

This is what the traditional pojangmacha look like.
It's small, and you can drag it almost anywhere, if you have to.

It's not all that luxurious, but it's probably
as casual as the atmosphere can get.

You know how sometimes you'd rather buy a hot dog selling on the Road in New York
rather than eat ridiculously expensive pasta, wine, and seafood in a fancy Italian restaurant?

That's the same reason people go to pojangmacha.

Nowadays, those pojangmacha has turned into indoor pojangmacha.
You can't really move them because it's a building.
It's basically a restaurant that sells food that used to be sold in traditional pojangmacha.
A famous indoor pojangmacha is

Hanshin Pocha
(**pocha is the shortened word for pojangmacha)

It's a little fancier and has a cleaner look than our traditional ones.
It's also warmer because it's indoor.

You see how the food and the plates are not all that fancy?
BTW, soup is a must when you're drinking in Korea...
Below are some carrot sticks and bean sprout soups.

This was the menu.
We ordered three of the most well-sold food on the left side of the menu
Let's see what we ordered...

Chicken Feet

Oh my god!!!! EWWWWW!!!
Ladies and gentlemen, please don't freak out.
Ladies especially, listen up!
They have lots of collagen that helps your skin stay younger.
And once you eat it, I'm pretty sure you'll want to order another one :)

Not many girls or women like this,
so they took out the bones and just took the meat
part of chicken feet.
Now women enjoy them just as much.

Stir-Fried Sea Food

See the crispy noodle on the bottom of the sea food?
That's what makes this food so good.
Get some seafood, and the crispy noodles, and dip them in to the sauce
Crunchy and soft at the same bite!

This is spicy fried chicken wings and Soju.
If you don't know what soju is,
it's a Korean sake.
the world sake really annoys me.
Sake means Japanese alcohol.
If I say Korean sake, which means Korean Japanese alcohol, it makes no sense.
If you know how to distinguish Korean word and Japanese word,
you'll gain so much respect from both sides, because
that means you're very well educated about our cultures and differences.
So it's Soju, not Sake.
Calling Korean Soju a Sake is like mixing Japan and Korea into one country.
It's also like saying Europeans, Canadians, and Americans are all the same people
with exact same cultures.

So if you know sake, but not soju,
please come taste some :)
We'll be happy to show you that soju is not the same as sake.
But you are the judge to decide which you like better! :)

Also, you can really see what drinking culture is like in Korea for young people.
It's not dangerous or reckless, and it's really fun, energetic, and carefree,
so just come on over and take some awesome food in!!

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