Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Light Up the World, Seoul!

All of the Lights
Kanye West
ft. Rihanna and Kid Cudi

Seoul Lantern Festival
Chong Gae Cheon

This happens every year.
It happens every night 6pm~11pm from the 4th to 20th of November.
You can go every day and any day you feel like.
It's a great place to hang out, and it's also a romantic place to take your date :)

Look at all the light.

Doesn't it look kind of warm in the picture because of the light?
It wasn't freezing cold, but it was a little chilly,
but looking at the lights made us feel warm and cozy.

The Seoul's representative mascot, Haechi says,

"Welcome to Chong Gae Cheon Lantern Festival!"

It was very energetic and entertaining.
There were small snacks sold everywhere so that you could eat it
while walking around watching the lights.
If you were tired of walking, or if you were going with elders,
you could get on a light carriage for an inexpensive price.

... and I see a kid nagging his mom to get him some of the snack
sold on the side walks.
But that's so not the point.
That kid's got a leash on his bag, which his mom's holding.
Puppy-like... haha
Everyone was watching and laughing.

Some pretty view along the way...

The picture right above shows what Korean
traditional wedding is like.
The one riding the horse in the very front is the groom.

While many were just mesmerized by the light structures,
some were busy actually making their own lanterns.
It was a booth where you could design your own and
even add some color to it.

Even the moon looks like one of the lights...

Nowadays, every other Koreans have these luxurious DSLR cameras(the ones with big-ass lenses that look like dragonfly's eyes that can zoom in and out), so this poor photographer standing next to the wall isn't selling out so well... :'(
Poor guy...

 They even had these little amazing miniatures.
It looks so detailed and alive.
Like... their expressions almost gave them life!
It depicts the olden days of Korea very well.

There actually were fish in the water!!!!
I know I sound really stupid right now, but uhh...
I knew that Chong Gae Cheon had one of the cleanest water,
but I didn't know they actually had fish living in it.

What our armies looked like back then.
They look.... pretty.... hmmm...
But they sure do look brave.

That's our Nam Dae Moon(Our national treasure no.1!!!!! D':)
It burned down a few years ago.
People blame the security for not being strict enough.

Our traditional instruments.
It was pretty cool because they actually had
Korean traditional music playing from the speakers set up somewhere behind them.
It was actually really beautiful...

Warriors going to war!

Shhhh... Peace... just chill out....

You know how life cannot last without light?
I mean... yeah, the "light" implies the light coming from the sun,
but I think these bright energetic lights kind of
shines away all the stress built up inside you.

Take in some light,
and get back on track :)

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