Sunday, December 4, 2011

Byong Man Kim, the Laugh Generator of Korea

Those of you who came here wondering who Byong Man Kim is,
he's no president or an owner of an internationally popular company.
But he gives out reasons to laugh, and he's one of the most popular
comedians in Korea.

despite his tough situation that may have made him a rather depressed, cynical person.

His father has colorectal cancer(bowel cancer) and dementia.
It looks like he's the one taking care of his family.
It was really sad to see a him cry when he is the person who makes people laugh.
He must be really strong to be able to stay positive and even make people
laugh even when he is in such a tough spot right now.
Imagine how hard it must be.

But look at this smile :)

And how goofy he and his friends are.

...and his videos.
I know not many of you speak Korean and Japanese,
but you'll still get some laugh out of it :)

and I know that explanations kill jokes, but
his comedy is a non-offensive mockery about experts.
So he always says I've done so-and-so for 16 years and
performs his... uhh... skills(?)....

Master of Jump Rope

Master of Bubbles

The Master of Strong Back

He swear he can't taste anything.
Let's see that.

He's gon' go far :)

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