Monday, December 5, 2011

Ginseng Rice Beer (Hmm?)

I remember reading from a book when I was a kid
about ginseng turning into human.
I mean... just look at it.
Doesn't it kind of have a shape of human body?
Like... two arms, two legs(crossed) ~
it even has a head!!!... that has a flower sprouting out of.. but still, it looks like a head.

... I guess it has a gender, too...
Way to make obvious which one the male ginseng is .... :) ....

(If you're not lolling, then you should look at the difference between
the two ginseng CAREFULLY....)

Well, fancy outside, fancy inside, right?
Let's take a look at how fancy inside the building is...


That's really fancy... Super fancy....
See...? Don't judge buildings by its outer looks.....

It's not all that fancy, but they had some really good ginseng products.
These are a couple of pictures of ginseng wine.
Do you see the white leaf-like looking things?
They're actually not leaves, but ginseng flowers.
Pretty, aren't they?
It's also actually healthy for you.
Sounds like a good gift for your Korean girlfriend/boyfriend's parents...? :)
Or you can just try giving them to your parents for their health.

If you're not such a big fan of wine, and if you're more of a beer person,
why not try Energin?
It's made of ginseng and rice.
I didn't get a chance to exactly taste it
because it's not out for sale yet,
but I can't wait to try these awesomesauce beer!!!

Ah, the restaurant's kind of fancier than the market.
... but it isn't open yet...!!! :'( WAHHHHHH
I guess things are not as good as I expected it to be
because it's kind of a new place.
In a couple years, I'll probably posting the before and the after of this place.
I bet it'll turn into some ginseng palace, I swear.
Check us out later!

Remember how I always say
"I like to see my readers happy and healthy"?
Ginseng is one of the ways you can stay that way,
so I thought I should post some information about ginseng's pros and cons.
Ginseng is great for you, but there's a saying

Everything is good in moderation

So here's something about ginseng:

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