Monday, December 5, 2011

Korean Udon VS Japanese Udon

Look at that title.
It's like, "It's on, b****!"
and this is how Korea and Japan goes into a nuke war...

If you think Japan and Korea's still in some hate-grudge relationship,
you've got some catching up to do.
The point of this title was to yes, capture your attention,
but also to show that this title cannot be of any harm anymore
because the relationship between Korea and Japan has improved over time.
You know how friends joke around by calling each other names that could sound mean?
But they laugh it off because they're close enough to joke by being mean.
I think Korea and Japan is kind of like that now, as long as it's not TOO offensive.

Do you guys remember pojangmacha?
Well, it's kind of a greenhouse that sells food that looks like this:

And the greenhouse that I showed you above is just
the extended part of the actual restaurant.

The actual restaurant looks like this...

All the doodling on the walls may look dirty,
but I think it adds to the casual atmosphere.

As you may see, there are only three menus,
but it's so famous just because it's so delicious :)

This place may look old, but it's the concept of this restaurant.
They're going vintage/old days.
Even how the guests pay are how they used to pay back then.
You pay the money before the food comes out.
I can tell life was harder to trust back then...

This is the Zeuksuk udon, which is the simplest form of udon.
It's less than $4 for this much delicious food...!

Like, just look at it!
Oh, btw, it's pretty spicy, so if you can't handle spicy food,
you should tell them when you order.
(In fact, it could be REALLY REALLY spicy..!!!)

This is the Odeng Udon, which is udon with something like fish patty in them.
Odeng is famous in both Korea and Japan. 

If you're feeling like a casual restaurant where you can see
what Korea was a few decades ago, please come visit this place!
You'll be so happy that you did!!

If any of you happened

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