Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kanghwa's Seafood Markets

This is Kanghwa, where many famous seafood markets exist.
It's close to the sea, so they sell really fresh seafood.

As you can see, it's pretty crowded although it was really early in the morning...

Those are shrimps just caught that morning.
Those were only $10 for like 5 pounds...!

These are also really really tiny shrimps.
Except, they're salted.
This is used a lot in Korean food, especially Kimchi!

This is what it looks like close-up.

The buckets behind were full of salt pickled fish....
They smell really REALLY bad,
but I know those are what makes the food taste good... yeah...
*throws up*
I mean what I said, though!

This is one of foreigner's favorite food
Soy sauce pickled fresh crabs
I used to be so grossed out by these raw crabs,
but I totally got hooked after I tried it.

This beautiful view was right beside the seafood market.
This place was where all the fish came from. 

Dried fish is also what these seafood markets in Kanghwa is famous for.
It's believed that fish dried with winds coming from the ocean tastes better,
and it's actually true...
I don't know why, but maybe it's the saltiness of the wind
or the freshness.

I know I only got to show you a small part of it,
but if you want some sashimi, you can get some good ones here, too.
It may not look the cleanest,
but believe me, it's cleaner and fresher than the ones you get from restaurants.
It's also less costly because they just cut it and pack it for you.
It tastes wayyy better than the ones from the restaurant.
I don't remember ever getting sick from eating from these seafood markets,
but I do remember getting food-poisoning from eating from restaurants.

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