Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2NE1 Brings K-pop to the World

I saw an interesting piece of video clip of Will I AM from Black Eyed Peas and Nicki Minaj.

"Check It Out"
No, really, please do. It just happens to be the title of the song.

When I first watched this, it was when I was in a train going back home.
I noticed Nicki Minaj and Will I AM dancing with some letters popping up in the background.
I went closer to check out what language the letters in the background were,
and found out to my surprised that it was Hangeul (Korean alphabets).

'what the $#!t...?'

Hangeul was the last thing I ever even dreamed about seeing in a music video
made by Will I AM and Nicki Minaj.
I searched up the two singers on Youtube, and there came up the video.
It was a weirdest experience to see the Korean words all make sense.
There were some awkward spots, but they managed to make it look cool and original.

But which one of the singers wanted this not-even-well-known language of Korea in the
music video??
Nicki Minaj or Will I AM?


Looks like it's Will I AM

He mentions one Korean group singers called 2NE1.
The name is supposed to mean To Anyone and at the same time
represents 21st Century New Evolution.

I do agree with their names.
Just compare them with other girl groups in Korea and you'll see why.

Girls Generation (SNSD)

Wonder Girls




 You feel their charisma?
You can tell they're not all just about trying to be cute and sexy and attracting boys.

Frankly, I really don't think that they are pretty at all.
Look at all the other celebrities. They're so much prettier.
they've got better talent,
better passion,
and real love for music and dancing.
They dance and sing because they want to
not because they want male attention.
While other girl groups have about 70% male fans,
2NE1 has a roughly equal number of male and female fans :)

let me introduce you the members :)

This is CL(born 1991), the leader of the group.
She speaks 4 languages fluently, and her father is a 
professor in Korea's top 5 colleges.
She faced conflicts with her parents for wanting to be a singer,
but she did not give up and finally made her dream come true.

How she became a star is:
She sent several CD's she made to the entertainment company, YG (one of the top 3 entertainment companies in Korea), for 2 years,
but no response came back.
Frustrated of waiting around, she waited in front of the building until the morning
and gave the CD to the head of the entertainment company herself.
Gotta love her passion and energy...

This girl is Minji(born 1994).
Someone who doesn't even know her recorded her dancing performance in a small festival and sent it to the head of YG entertainment company.
They found her to ask her to join them.

This is Minji when she was really really young.
Young as in about 5th grade young.

This is Sandra Park (born 1984),
one of the prettiest Korean celebrities without ANY plastic surgery!
I mean... just look at her skin.
That's her without any makeup.

...and she turns out to have become a star in Philippines!!
She won the second place from the TV audition program in Philippines called "Star Circle Quest". It's like a Philippines version of an American Idol!

Even her brother is a celebrity.
One blessed siblings :)

... they both have like flawless skin.

Her beauty inside and outside is known well in Korea :)

Our last girl is Park Bom(born 1984).
She is probably one of the cutest and the energetic member of the group.
She has just as many female fans as male fans.
Fyi, her sister is one of the best cellist in Korea!

I think these two videos were from before her debut.
She's just... just you know... great...

So those were the 2NE1's lovely members...

Here are some of their videos!

This one's kind of funny how the fans "attempt" to copy them.....
I lolled.

With the help of Will I AM, I think they could go far...
Here's their recent music video with some help from Will I AM:

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