Monday, November 28, 2011

Your 4 Strongest Weapons

4 weapons... what could it be....

A sword, spear, arrow, and a gun?

... nahh... those are way too weak.

Here are your stronger, better 4 weapons.

1. Beans
2. Garlic
3. Sesame
4. Vinegar

These are the strongest weapons that will protect you from
Blood Clog
Heart Attack

and various other diseases that are known to be incurable.
All these diseases are related to weak immune system of your body,
and these four weapons enhance your immunity.


60,000,000,000,000 cells make up our body.
Cells are mostly made up of proteins.
When we lack protein or have bad protein come in our body,
that's when we start getting sick.

Beans are high of protein in both quality and quantity,
and it prevents cancer this way by keeping the cells healthy.
I know it may seem insignificant to keep your cells healthy,
but one bad, ruined cell out of 60,000,000,000,000 cells is what starts the cancer.
Isn't that scary?

P.S. Sweet potatoes are also high in protein and other healthy minerals!


I know there are many garlic haters out there because of its strong smell....
but this is the strongest weapon to fight cancer.
Much garlic goes into the Korea's representing food Kimchi.
If you like kimchi, go ahead and eat them because kimchi has not only garlic
but other healthy things go in them, which will improve your health.
If you don't like kimchi or raw garlic,
try eating garlic bread without putting too much butter.
Or roasted garlic is pretty famous in other countries as food toppings.
It doesn't taste spicy or smell bad when you roast them.


It has an aromatic, clean taste,
and it's used in various kinds of Korean food as well as other countries' foods.
You can roll some sticky mochi in a pile of sesame
or even grind them into powders and drink it with milk.
It's healthy and delicious either way.

Black sesame milk is sold in markets now!


One of the most widely used food seasoning is vinegar.
It's a flavor enhancer and a cancer fighter!
While vinegar is used a lot in salad dressings,
Korea uses much vinegar in their food, too.
In noodles, kimchi, and other food that needs to be spicy-tart.

One person invented a vinegar drink...
It sounds so gross,
but it's actually really tart and fresh.
I didn't even know they were vinegar when I tried one of their drinks.
All you do is just pour some of these concentrated fruit vinegar in your cup of water,
and drink it and get healthyyyy :)

So remember!

Beans, garlic, sesame, and vinegar

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