Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sukara, Korean Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant (Part 1)

This restaurant called Sukara is not only for vegetarians but also for vegans because
this place does not use butter or eggs to make their food.
But since there's no rush, I'll show you guys their interior first just to tease you!! :)

Pretty unique door color, eh?
I think it's turquoise...

Their interior's calm and spacious.
It was amazing how people were energetic but not loud in that place.
Good way to keep the atmosphere cool.

It's also cozy in this place, too.
I meant cozy atmosphere-wise, not temperature-wise.

... and it's also like a casual cafe.
One cafe, multiple atmosphere?
That's got to count as a talent!

Here's their introduction and drink menu:
As if being a healthy vegetarian/vegan restaurant isn't enough,
this place uses organic vegetables as well!

Now, here comes our next blog about their food...
Get excited!!!

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