Sunday, March 11, 2012

Korean Health Food: Chung Guk Jang (Part 1)

Chung Guk Jang (Korean) and Natto (Japan) are very similar in a way that
they are made from the same beans in very similar ways.
They even have similar health benefits.

I know some people are really interested in making them,
so I decided to show you guys how to make them...

Boil it at night and let it stay in water till the morning.
It should be so soft you could smash it easily with your finger.

Stick some straws in there...
I don't really know why,
but I think it's to provide some oxygen for the ones under the surface,
so that the healthy bacteria could breatheeeeee.....(ew?)

**btw, there is some straws on the bottom, too.

Put some thin gauze on top of it,

and then a very thin futon.
Don't use futon(blankets) that you would need when you sleep.
As the beans start getting fermented, it will start smelling,
and that smell isn't going to be all that pleasant for some people
espcially because chung guk jang and natto are food that usually requires "acquired taste"
which means you have to kind of learn to like it.

Wait for 3 days.....!
See you in our Korean Health Food: Chung Guk Jang (Part 2)

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