Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chinese Kimchi and Korean Kimchi

So... there's something I would like to say about Kimchi and other Asian food...
Some people think Sushi is totally Japanese.
Some people think fried rice are totally chinese.
Likewise, some people think kimchi is totally Korean.

They are true, yet false because they do very much exist in the countries the food is known to come from,
but it's not the country's food alone...

Sushi is found in Korea and China,
and fried rice are actually more common in Japan and Korea...
and kimchi is found a lot in all three countries: Korea, Japan, and China.
Although they all differ in taste and ingredients, it's the same concept.

So, now that I made clear that Kimchi is not Korea's alone, but is shared in China and Japan,
let me tell you the difference of Chinese kimchi and Korean kimchi...
Japanese kimchi is different, too, but our kimchis are similar.

Anyway, the main difference of Chinese kimchi and Korean kimchi is that
Korean kimchi has more "stuff" in them, like
vegetables or sliced radishes.

Sliced radishes makes the kimchi more suitable to Korean taste,
and some people like just the sliced radishes without the actual cabbage that makes the kimchi.
The sliced radishes look like this:

and it is often eaten a lot with Bossam (steamed pork).

There are other types of kimchi in Korea, Japan, and China,
but when we're looking at the ordinary kimchi,
this is just about all the difference.
Not so different, is it?

Here's an extra thing just because the baby looks pretty cute eating those kimchi.

Honestly, why kimchi is hard to like is not because it's spicy.
It's mostly because of the smell and the taste of the kimchi that comes from salted fish or their extract that makes it hard for everyone to like kimchi...
Well, this kid seems to really love it.
I mean.. that's pretty damn cool!!!

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  1. wow 2 year can eat is amazing guess that one not very hot one.