Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Korean Bus System

Transportation system is pretty well organized.
You can basically go ANYWHERE in Korea just using trains and buses.
I do have to admit it's more well organized than other larger countries because
Korea's so small... yeah, surprise surprise!

There were always these neat little machines telling us how many minutes it takes for the next train to arrive,
and recently, this machine has been set up for buses, too!
It's so convenient especially if you need to decide whether to take the faster taxi.
One time, I remember getting on the taxi after waiting for the bus for 15 minutes,
and finally seeing the bus come around the corner after I was already seated in the taxi...
I wish these machines were set up earlier.

Here's another thing that's important for you guys to know:
When a bus comes, just remain seated, NOT.
You really have to let the bus driver know that you want to get on the bus.


This is what happens.
The bus just goes right past by you, who is seated elegantly waiting for the bust to stop.

What Koreans do to tell the bus driver that they want to get on is:

1. Wave at them


2. Stand up and step down on the road. Not to far into the car lane, but just about a 
step away from the sidewalk.

The second option may seem dangerous,
but so far, there hasn't been any accidents because of this action.
So if you're new to Korea and trying to catch a bus,
don't just sit there and wait for the bus to stop for ya! :)

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