Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tamradon, A Korean Barbecue Place (Part 2)

Here came our PRECIOUS, DELICIOUS food!!!
Wait, just to be clear,
these three things were not it.
This is JUST the beginning :)

So we set it up lie this....
I don't know why, but you just do...

We ordered a set menu that included pork, pork skin, and 4 large shrimps.
And here's the pork...
See the color?
You can tell how fresh it is.

When cooked, it probably looks like this:


This is the pork skin.
I know some of you may think this is disgusting,
and I thought so too.
But after trying it with my eyes closed,
it tasted GOOD.
Just try :)

When it's cooked, it looks like this:

Here's our salted large shrimps!!!
For some reason, you can never get upset stomach if you eat pork with shrimp.

Lastly, what always come out with meat is
Dwenjanchigae (Korean miso soup)
I may have posted about several health benefits of this soup,
but if I haven't, please let me know and I'll gladly post a blog about it.

This is definitely where you can go for some awesome Korean barbecue!!

Tamradon in Hongdae (탐라돈 홍대 본점)
Seoul-shi Mapo-gu Changchun-dong 5-137 Songwoo Building 1F
(서울시 마포구 창전동 5-137 송우 빌딩 1층)
Tel: 02-3141-4592

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