Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tamradon, A Korean Barbecue Place (Part 1)

I can't remember too well, but I think I did a post once
on Jeju Island's pork tasting better and being easier to chew on.
Well, this place is also a Jeju Island's Pork specialty restaurant.

They also have it proved by government that they are selling
real pork that's actually form Jeju Island.

As you guys expected,
this place is pretty packed most of the time...

Sooo... let's start off ordering some soju!

We usually order this soju because this, I think, has the lowest alcohol level.

Please don't misunderstand though!
Soju is not our appetizer.
We order it first,
but we wait till the food is ready before we drink even a sip of it.
You should know alcohol's not good in empty stomach!
By the way, this soju is one of the soju that's rare outside the Jeju Island,
so this is not some ordinary soju that we're drinking...
Next blog will be about what we ate with this awesome soju :)

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