Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Old Style Korean Restaurant: Gomjung Gomushin

This is Gomjung Gomushin.
This means black Korean traditional rubber shoes.

Just like its name,
this place looks pretty old style Korean.
They did have some Western modification like chairs and tables,
but they still had the vibe.

Apparently, this place is pretty famous!
Celebrity autographs! :)

Gotta admit that they do have a pretty unique look...!!

Even their lights are supposed to be watermelons and pumpkins,
One of Korea's most popular vegetable and fruit.

We found something even cooler!
Half of their drink menus were made up of Korean rice wine,
and no wonder....
This place was where the ex-President Dae Joong Kim bought the rice wine
for a gift for Kim Jung Il during a visit to North Korea.
Since then, the name of the rice wine of this place changed to:
Reuniting Rice Wine
Looks like rice wine here is no ordinary drink...

So we decided to order some rice wine (Mak-kolli)
and the food that went well with it:

Pan-fried Kimchi

Kimchi Stew


Dakbal (Chicken feet)

I know the last food Dakbal (chicken feet) may sound and look unappetizing,
but don't judge the food before you taste it...!
Trust me, I've been grossed out by this same food,
but now it's one of my favorite food :)

Here's finally the famous rice wine of this place!

when people drink Korean rice wine,
they always eat something that looks like a pancake with the drink.
It's called "boochimgae", and it can be made with kimchi like I showed you above,
or it could be made with seafood and vegetables, too.

Well, here we go for a taste of reconciliation :)


P.S. this is probably one of the best places to see the older side of Korea for tourists!
Definitely a point of interest...

Gomjung Gomushin (검정고무신)

Seoul-shi Mapo-gu Seogyo-dong 354-2 (서울시 마포구 서교동 364-2)

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