Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Korean Black Garlic Health Drink Is...

This is black garlic...
No, it's not a kind of a garlic.
It's basically ordinary garlic fermented and heated for 10 days.
It has a jelly-like texture, and it's less spicy and smelly than
just garlic but healthier than ordinary garlic.
These are basically good for everything, ranging from cancer, eczema, and heat disease
to diabetes and stress/fatigue.

Some people actually like this because it's chewy and sweet, kind of like dried fruits , of course good for health as well.

Because it has so many different health benefits, and has a better taste than the raw garlic,
someone invented this health drink that was 93% concentrated black garlic juice, and the rest
some ginseng juice.
As you may be guessing right now,
this thing is pretty expensive....

If you're wondering what to get your parents,
maybe you should get them this
although I have to admit that this little health drink right here
took me back and forth from hell and the Earth....

I know it's really going to be good for your parents though...
If you think ginseng is good,
this one has 10 times more health benefits than ginseng,
so go ahead!!!
Oh, that is, if you can find one outside Korea :)

Okay, sorry, please don't stop reading our blogs :'(

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