Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bob Marley's Birthday Party Gets Hot in Korea

So Bob Marley's birthday party...
I think it's weird to see someone's birthday celebrated even when someone's dead, but
I still do think he deserves to be celebrated. I think he was a great singer-songwriter.
And... his birthday party was held in this bar.

Here's a close-up picture of the bar,
and apparently, the name of the bar is Redland Yuki.

They even hung some decorations up just for this event!

Just like any bars, this place had some darts, too.
Oh, how boring... just some ordinary bar with a dart that's not even exotic..

But wait, what are those things hung up on the ceiling?
Let's get a closer look...

Are those women's underwear...?

So, if the interior's not such a common view,
I can kind of guess their drinks are not going to be as common either, right?

...and my guess was right.
Just look at those... those names!!!

As perverted as the names may sound, it was as funny,
so we tried a couple of their drinks.

This one below is called "Sperm".
Is it just me or does this kind of remind of sperms...?

I don't know why the two drinks we ordered are related,
but this one below's called "Blow Job"

Both drinks were really sweet...
I mean sweet in terms of taste, not something else that may be weird... haha.

After a drink follows a little talent show!
And of course, people are calling Bob Marley songs :)

Actually, most people were actually really good at singing,
and it was a pretty good background music to escalate the atmosphere.
Everyone was having a good time,
and I think I had a picture of a comedian somewhere in the pictures here...
Let me know if you recognize him/her!!

if this looks like a good time to you, which it does to me,
then this happens every single year, so go ahead and get some... uhh...
sperms and blowjob drinks...

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