Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Korea's Baskin Robins

It's amusing how my friends in the U.S. react when I tell them that there is
Costco, Outback Steakhouse, Zara, and even Baskin Robins in Korea.
This blog's going to be about Baskin Robins in Korea.
When you miss the taste of ice cream in the U.S., you can come here to get some
because they basically sell the same flavors.

If you want to taste a Korean version of Baskin Robins,
I'm pretty sure they sell Persimmon Pudding Sorbet.
It's nothing like pudding; it's just very well-ripened persimmon frozen to be a sorbet.
You know Mango sorbet? It's something similar to that...

Enough of ice cream that you can get anywhere...
Let me show you something better.
Anybody up for some ice cream cakes?

Coffee ice cream cake

Green tea ice cream cake

Banana ice cream cake

Dark chocolate ice cream cake

Flower party ice cream cake

Uhh... Escaped animal ice cream cake...?

Zoo ice cream cake.
Yeah I'd love to eat those little animal chocolates starting from their head.
*Throws up*
I don't know... I just don't like animal-shaped food...

Puppy-dog ice cream cake
I'd NEVER be able to touch this!!!
Like, are you supposed to start off eating their chocolate eye-balls first or what?!
I just can't...

Even this poor little panda!!!

... but if you close your eyes and just put them in your mouth not knowing what it looks like,
then it should taste REALLY good....
I've tried it after my friend kind of force-fed me a bite,
and frankly, it did taste very good.
All you animal lovers like I am,
just close your eyes.....

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