Sunday, February 5, 2012

Korean Organic Vegan Cafe: Cook & Book (Interior)

I remember doing this place's food,
but I don't remember doing an interior, which is a pretty big part of this place's popularity.
So here's the interior part of Cook and Book, a healthy, vegan cafe!!

It's written no butter, no egg used in this place!! :)
Dang... That's pretty amazing considering how good food are...

If you wondered why the name of this place has the word "Book",
it's because they really do have books you can settle down and read :)

Big tables for many people unlike most cafes
that have small cafe tables only as big as 4 people.
This table can fit 8 people!

It's actually pretty spacious,
but it still manages to be cozy and clean.

This is their kitchen.
Just like any healthy restaurants confident and proud in what they use to make their food,
it has open kitchen!

I see some of their tea materials to brew....
I promise, one day, I will have tried all those and post a blog about it!!!! >:D Ha!

I took a close-up shot for this one because the dolls were so cute...
Oh, wait.
The owner of the cafe made them.

I also saw the owner's dog.
The owner doesn't bring this guy often, but I was lucky to see this cute puppy today.

Makes me miss my cat at home :'(

Definitely try out this place, if you're looking for a healthy cafe for some vegan snacks! :)

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