Friday, February 10, 2012

Korean Organic Vegan Cafe: Cook & Book

I don't really know why they named their cafe Cook & Book,
but it's probably because it sounds welcoming and cozy.
They cook out and you book out (I mean read...).
Anyway, it's a vegan bakery and a cafe.

If you're concerned for your health, you really should go to this place rather than millions of other
cafes you can find in Korea...
They offer some healthy drinks and baked products.

This was Ice Soy Latte
and some cookies and madeleine.

...and above is ice chocolate.
Creamy, yet not too think.

The cookie was dry and sandy, while the madeleine was soft and moist.

The madeleine and the cookies are also on sail in little plastic bags,
so you can buy some and bring them home if you like.

This is not exactly a vegan baked product,
but this brownie is really good....
It has white chocolate, and it has orange peels in them.
I thought it'd taste disgusting at first,
but I don't think I can eat just plain brownies anymore.

Definitely try this cafe!
I heard they've also been making food since this fall,
so go check it out and tell us how good/bad/okay they are.

Seoul-shi Mapo-gu Seokyo-dong 333-39 (서울시 마포구 서교동 333-39)
Tel: 02-325-1028

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