Tuesday, February 14, 2012

K-pop's Boss, JYP

I've been doing lots of Korean food blogs, culture blogs, and cafe blogs,
but I don't remember doing a blog just about a person.
I mean, I've done blogs about groups and individual celebrities,
but I don't think I blogged them merely as a person.
Well, here I am, trying it for the first time with JYP.

Well, he's a singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, and a president of JYP, one of the top 3 entertainment companies in Korea.
He "made" the Wonder Girls, Miss A, and MBLAQ

Obviously, his students are successful,
but he is also successful himself not only in singing but also dancing.
On the side note, he's in his 40's, but he still has the body of a the 20's.

But even this mighty JYP (Jin Young Park) had his failures.
Although he graduated in Yonsei University, one of the SKY universities (top 3 college) in Korea, he dropped out of grad school to become a singer.
Despite his courage to leave the comfortable past behind,
he was rejected in countless auditions, and he was not even accepted
as a dance teacher in mediocre academies.

But now, after so much effort,
he has become what he is now.
One hell of an awesome dude.

Here's a clip of him dancing.
Like... look at him dance, but also look at his body.
How old is he, again?

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