Thursday, February 9, 2012

Korean High School Graduation=Nightmare

Oh!! Why is that benevolent guy congratulating the happy little girl by pouring flour over them?!?!?!
I mean, that's totally, certainly, most accurately the general definition of "congratulating":
To pour flour over people. Yeah. That's what you picture when you hear the word "congratulating".
At least it's true in Korea when it's the day of your high school or middle school graduation!

You know, congratulate them by making them a human pancake with
eggs and flour and.. oh, where's milk?
Eh, I guess human pancakes don't need milk...

This is what classrooms look like after graduation.
Okay, let me clarify some things.
Just like senior pranks is a tradition in most schools when students graduate,
it's like that in Korea.
Except, you throw (gently!!!) eggs and flour at each other.
Kind of weird, and maybe even violent,
but it's actually really fun, and I loved it.

Oh, the remnants isn't enough?
Okee. I'll show you the "present"of the event...

Funny, huh??
Not so much when you're in the moment...

Don't worry. There are polices watching out for any big trouble, haha.
Nobody's getting hurt this day.

Nobody's getting hurt... :)

Big companies like Samsung even has a special event where they give out their great
electronics to a few lucky people.

Then, they go get some Jjajangmyun, which is a kind of an unwritten Korean tradition.

The tradition behind eating jjajangmyun after graduation was to feed kinds something
special and expensive back then. Just 50 years ago, Korea was not as
well off as we are now, so jjajangmyun was expensive and was considered "special"
when it's one of the least expensive food available.

... I don't know what's with the flour and the egg, though...

What's the best senior prank you've seen/heard of??

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