Saturday, February 4, 2012

K-pop: Seven Releases His Second Album

If you love K-pop,then you must surely know who Seven is.
He's the handsome guy in the picture below, and he's one of Korea's most famous singers.
He's a singer-dancer. I bet he wrote some songs, too, since many of his
songs tend to have very personal lyrics.
.... correct me if I'm wrong, all ya K-pop geniuses :)

Anyway, it looks like he's released a new album recently.
It's already a pretty big deal that he released a new album,
but it's a bigger deal than just that 
because the two of the most popular entertainment companies, YG and JYP, which are rivals
got together to make this song.
I can certainly see lots of JYP-ish dance moves and YG-ish melody in this song.
Good combo!
It's called When I Can't Sing

So, this song is a big deal, alright.
There's something more that spices things up a notch more.
In the music video, G-Dragon (GD) makes a brief appearance,
and if you know K-pop, you should know GD is a pretty big deal.
It's really really brief, but some people go head over heels over this.

Okay... enough about GD, peeps! Jeez...
Let me tell you a bit more about Seven.
It looks like his song really was a big deal to peeps out there.
It was #1 most downloaded in Korea, but even better....
It hit #1 in iTunes, which probably means Koreans are taking over iTunes.
it could also mean many non-Koreans are downloading his songs.
Like, if you're not so much of a K-pop person,
maybe try listening to this song and see if you like it?
You know, just give it a shot.... or a click of a mouse.

If I go a teeny bit deeper into his life,
he has a super famous actress girlfriend who he's been going out with for seven years.
SEVEN goes out with his girl friend for SEVEN years.... HAHAHAH..... HA... ha.... sorry...
... I'm running out of unscrupulousness for not-funny humors, aren't I.
When their relationship was uncovered,
people (... more like his female fans) totally freaked out,
and his popularity went D.O.W.N. crashing to the ground.

But of course,
his guy who's hot and talented won the popularity back,
and he even managed to keep his relationship stable and unbroken through the crisis.
You know... not many celebrity couples make it through this kind of hardship.

But even this seemingly perfect guy has his failures...
He knocked on the door of America,
and I don't think he made it as big as he wanted to.
Still, he's one big-ass deal in Korea,
and knowing him, I think he'll keep trying until he succeeds.
Go Seven! :)

Yeah, yeah I know, I know.
It's annoying that I'm leaving the best for the last isn't it?
I'm going to keep on doing it,
so stick with me
and check this out!

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