Thursday, February 9, 2012

Korean Humor: The Worst Photoshop Works EVER!

Just to clarify!
When I say "Korean Humor", it doesn't mean Koreans photoshopped these.
It's just photos from many different places that were photoshopped very.... very poorly.
But at least they give us laughs, so I guess it could be a good thing, too.
Now, I know explanations kill jokes.
Jokes are not funny when explained, so I'll try to talk... or type as least as possible!

Ma'am, you have a white purse stalking you.

This one I think isn't as bad as other ones in this blog.
This one could have fooled me.

This one's kind of subtle, too.
It's just... you can tell she was not wearing this cloth at all,

...almost natural but not enough... :(

Oh my gosh, her waist!!!! :O

So.. I guess if you eat this cereal, you get a whiter tummy...?

Holy crap! She has 3 arms!!!

Whose hand were you holding...?

A guy with 3 legs...?

It almost makes me feel embarrassed just by watching these
careless, stupid mistakes.
I got a laugh out of this,
but I really should be careful not to make stupid mistakes.
Like... I don't know why, but when I want to type "fried chicken",
I always ALWAYS mistakenly type "friend chicken".
I really should watch out for that.....

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