Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Korean Flower Shop Sells Drink, Too?!

As obvious as the title
the name of this place is:
Flower Shop That Sells Drinks (alcohol).
That's one very unique name...
Let's take a look at this place.

What seemed so tiny and humble from outside
isn't so tiny and humble inside...
I also found out this place is not a flower shop.
They just named it that way; there's no flower for sale.

What surprised me even more is how high the ceiling was.
Because Korea's so tiny, its buildings are mostly multiple-storied,
but this place made it more spacious and open-feeling instead of
putting another floor on top of it.

I mean... just look at how pen this place feels!

High ceilings made things look really open and spacious,
but it still managed to be cozy because of these personal little decorations and things.

Every little thing they had really blended in very well...!

...and I see a lady over there.
Maybe she's the waitress.
I should ask her about the picture policy before taking picures...

She's just a mannequin...
Weird sense of humor...? 

Anyway, back to their drinks, since this place is a bar.
Because of the name and the atmosphere, there were more women than men,
and because of this, they had so many different cocktails that women liked.
If you're not a cocktail kind of a person,
then just order soju, sake, or beer.

But since we did like cocktail,
we ordered mojito.
Just a basic mojito, but it looked so fresh!!
And look at that awesome shape of bottle...!

This comes out for free when you order a drink.
The black seaweed paper was seasoned with wasabi, and I loved it!!
The rest were just Korean crackers, but these are also my favorite :)
They're common, but they're crunchy and yummy!

Now, here came the salad that we ordered...
Aww, that looks so good...!

Okay, okay I'm starving.
Can we get started now?

No wonder mojito was one of their best-selling drinks!!!
If you like mojito,
you HAVE to come to this place!!!

술하는 꽃집 (Soonhaneun Kottjip)

서울시 마포구 서교동 358-51 (Seoul-shi Mapo-gu Seogyo-dong 358-51)
Tel: 010-3756-5406

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