Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Korea's Coldest Weather in 55 Years

Everyone's yelling, "Global warming, global warming!"
But that global warming has many side effects...
One of its biggest side effect is the sudden drop in temperature in certain places as well as a sudden rise in temperatures.
Well... I was unfortunate enough to feel both.

Over the break, I was in Chicago, where it's supposed to be cold,
and when I say cold, I am talking as cold as -13F or -25C...
But this time when I went from mid December to late January,
this place was just... so warm... It was as warm as 57F or 14C
It mostly felt like spring, and it only snowed like 2~3 times.

On the other hand....

Korea welcomed me with a big, FREEZING slap in my face.
I mean as cold as -2F or -19C, as it shows below...

I know this is not the coldest weather on earth,
but it is the coldest it has ever gotten in 55 years in Korea.
There is definitely something up with the weather on Earth...

Do you see how the cats are closing their eyes?
Yeah. That's what I looked like on the streets of Korea while having to walk to a bus stop only a minute away from my apartment.
Like, I was scared my eyeballs were going to freeze if I opened them....
You know that feeling??

Well, I'm just saying...
I don't like the places I love being hit by global warming that we caused
when we could just save a little, recycle and reuse to ease this effect...

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