Tuesday, February 14, 2012

StarWARS Cafe in Korea

Welcome to Starbucks... I mean StarWARS.
No, no, I'm reading it right, It's starWARS.
I know, I misread it as Starbucks at first, too,
but it's Starwars.

I bet the cup on the very right is just about what you look like right now.
Like... "WTF?OMG?"

Man, I don't know if you can find this in the U.S., but this is pretty funny :D
Even their coffee names are Star Wars related!
Like... I see a Darth Vader Espresso... Lolll
That must be really, really dark...

As you may have expected, there are all these cool star wars-y decorations.

Oh, sorry!
Forgot to show you guys the entire view of the cafe....
well, here it is.

Some were for sale, and some were not.

If you have a friend who's really into Star Wars,
he/she would be thrilled to be here.
If it turns out to be your boyfriend who's obsessed and you who hates it,
then uhh... may the force be with you guys... 
(Been there, done that, good luck...)

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