Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Will You Believe It When I Tell You This?

What you're about to see is all one same thing in different shapes and forms.
I'll tell you at the end of this blog what these really are.
Guess as you scroll down!!!

Any good guess yet???

Look carefully....!! You might be able to guess!

*This one's a big hint!!!*

*Another big hint!!!*

Okay, okay hahaha!
Sorry for not telling you guys what all these actually are...
Maybe some of you guys realized when I kept on
obnoxiously yelled out "hint!" every time there was a "Happy Birthday" written on the pictures.
Well, a Happy Birthday cannot really happen without a nice cake, right?
These are all just

Totally normal.
Not weird at all, and oh so mediocre and boring.
I could totally make these cakes for every single one of my friends' birthdays!
Pshhhhh no biggie...

Now I gotta hide because I heard I'll get hit by a thunder when I lie really badly....

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