Saturday, January 7, 2012

Top 7 Foreigners' Least Favorite Korean Food

I think I've done some of the foreigner's favorite food before,
but I don't think I've done the foreigner's least favorite food...
Well, this will surely gross you out, and possibly destroy any love you have for this blog,
but I'm gonna work up some guts and just do it.

'Ello! :)
Ma name iz Hong Uh (Thornback).
Even some Koreans have a hard time eating me because I am cooked in a special way.
I'm usually fermented and eaten by myself, steamed pork slice and kimchi, or with vegetables.
I dare you to try me :)

Okay, I'm done talking like I'm one of the sashimi-ed Hong Uh...

This is Gopchang (Beef or Pork intestines)
Yeah! Go ahead! Throw up louder!!! I hear ya!
At least that was how I reacted when I found out the chewy, protein-y taste in my mouth
was some beef or pork's intestines.
Now, I actually really like them. I mean... why throw away the animal's intestines
and waste a part of them when you can also use them?
I know it may sound really cruel, but I think if the animal was killed anyway,
we really shouldn't make a waste out of their precious life...

This is the famous DOG(Boshintang)!!!
I know why so many people wonder why Koreans eat dogs,
but the opposite side has the opposite side,
we wonder why some people would eat dolphins or kangaroos or horses.
Personally, I think that eating dogs, kangaroos, and horses is the same thing as eating cows and pigs,
but I'm personally also against killing animals and I try my best to eat mostly vegetables.
Don't look down on cultural food so much because every culture has its uhh... food.

Ahh, the famous Nakji (devilfish) !
It's kind of different from squids because it's chewy, but softer.
It's so gross, but even when it's cut and dead, its legs still squiggle.
Even when it's in your mouth, it squiggles!!!
Although it's completely dead, people feel like they're eating something alive because it moves.
It disgusts me, but I have to admit that it tastes good...!

Oh, here's another intestine cuisine, Soondae.
Except this food is made of pork intestines and its blood mixed with chewy noodles.
Doesn't it sound SO disgusting?
Yeah, I agree.
But if you don't know that you're eating pork's intestines and blood with noodles,
then you'd have a party in your mouth.
I remember eating this not knowing what this was until like 12 years later
and not being able to eat this the same way I used to for almost a whole year.
Now, I'm just used to eating them. I mean, if you think about it, what's so different from eating the pork's meat?

Oh, here's something less disgusting!
It's a spicy chicken cuisine! Yayyyyyy!
It's called "Dakbal"

"Oh wait, sir, it's really chewy and spicy and delicious, but may I ask which part of the chicken it is?
Wings, legs, breast, perhaps?"

"Chicken Feet"

I tried it recently with my dad with a bottle of beer,
and boy, was it good.

You know I leave the best for the last, right?
Well here's your highlight, I mean, puke of the day...
Ladies and gents, I present to you a BUG cuisine, "Bundaeggie"!!!

And the crowd goes wild...
or the puke does...
Whichever way, it's the same thing. Excitement involves pukes.
This is a silkworm, one of the cleanest, and protein rich insects known.
I think you boil it or something...
It actually tastes good. Believe me it does.
Just close your eyes and chew it.
Hehehehehe (evil giggles).

Have you guys enjoyed enough puking for the day?
I hope you did.
Because you'll enjoy the taste of the foods above as much as you were disgusted by it.
Don't judge them by their looks!
I'd hate to say I told you so :)

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