Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rapunzel of Korea Wants to Cut Your Hair!!!

See? I wasn't lying about Rapunzel wanting to cut your hair.
It's the name of a hair shop! hehe
I think it's such an ironic name because Rapunzel's a character who has almost a mile-long hair.
I guess it's jealousy she wants to cut everyone else's? :P

Anyway, this place is a pretty unique hair shop.
It has a pretty luxurious cafe inside it, so that whoever came can wait for their friend to get a haircut.
They had good drinks and food, and for those getting a haircut, they offered
their healthy green tea for free.

Do you see how clean and cozy the cafe is?

Even the hair-cutting place itself is luxurious yet simple.
I don't think I've seen such a fancy place for getting a haircut.
I imagined it would be so much more expensive than other shops,
but they only charged about a buck more than other places.
Isn't that worth paying to get this much luxury instead of mediocre hair shop?

This little puppy was just a doll, but if I were this doll,
I'd want to fall asleep here and stay here my entire life! :D

Anyone know a fancier hair shop anywhere?
Please let us know!
We'd love to see how fancy a hair shop can get!!!
Comment below!

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