Saturday, January 7, 2012

What is Korean Halloween Like?

Ever wondered how Western holidays are celebrated in Korea?
Honestly, it's not as interesting as Japanese eating fried chicken and strawberry shortcakes in Christmas,
but it's still a little different.

First of all, Halloween isn't really a nationally celebrated holiday in Korea.
Only young people celebrate it,
and you can't really go trick or treating.
They'll think you're a freak and call the cops.
So don't go trick or treating.

But you can certainly dress up and attend parties.

However, don't dress like this:

Don't take this time to look like these girls because Korea is not as open about revealing clothes as other countries may be.

I mean, do you really need to physically reveal yourself to be revealing and have fun?
Like, I swear that some girls really took the word appealing and revealing into as a very, very physical thing,
not smart enough to know that those words were more meant for hearts, personalities, and 
brain qualities,
not physical qualities...
Okay, now I sound like a mother with 5 "revealing" daughters. Sorry :)

You can tell by most of these pictures
that nobody's dressed up like the three girls from the movie "Mean Girls".

By the way, not every place looks like this.
This place looks so vigorous because it's near Hong-Ik University,
the most active, young place of Korea full of parties, music, food, and art.
It's actually always very vigorous and busy with... everything.

I honestly don't know what's with the balloons,
but I think it looks pretty and it excites the atmosphere up a little bit...

Gah, too many words to explain the atmosphere.
I think I should just show you guys a video of what it was like there.
Here it is:

So just dress a little less revealingly so that you won't create unappealing stereotypes about
your race or your country,
and just enjoy, because I'm pretty sure all of you are already revealing and attractive without having to
be physically revealing.
(I swear I'm a mother or something...)

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