Saturday, January 7, 2012

Google Logo Under Some Korean Influence?

This is Dennis Hwang (황정목 Jung Mok Hwang).
If you've evern looked at some cool Google logos and wondered who designs these,
it's Dennis Hwang.

He was a doodler, and I bet teachers and adults probably looked at him and thought
'Oh, what would this kid grow up to be'.
In fact, he became the Google logo designer with a very very satisfactory income.
No worries, dear psychic teachers and adults!
He was probably more frowned upon in Korea, where things are more strict,
and the road to success was not very art-related, let alone doodling.
But here he is now, earning comfort by doodling, which he loves to do.

Here are some of his Google logos that reflect some special events or anniversaries:

115th anniversary of X-ray invention

For HG Whales, a writer

Namjoon Baek's 78th birthday

Korea's Independence day, August 15th

Hangeul (Korean letter) Day

Lego's 50th anniversary


Vivaldi anniversary

Sesame Street anniversary. Whoo!
They're so cute...

Asterix anniversary

John Lennon Anniversary
Korean Thanksgiving (Chooseok)
You can see how the two letters 'o' are dressed in Korean traditional clothes.

The Mystery Circle

Lots and lots of candies...

The eclipse...!
They're always so fun to watch... with some nice, dark, UV blocking sunglasses...

For Joseph Frank

DC comics

Some of his Google logos are certainly under Korean influence
as well as other countries'.

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