Saturday, January 7, 2012

Female Celebrity that Korean Females Like

We've done what type of guys Korean girls like,
but we've never done what kind of GIRLS the Korean girls like...
Let's see who looks beautiful to Korean girls from the least beautiful to the most...

Like I always do, I'll start from the least beautiful according to Korean girls:

10. Tae Hee Kim
This is actually really surprising because she's ranked #1 or 2 according to MALE standard...
I guess she doesn't look as pretty to females...

9. Ka In Han

8. Tiffany
(from Girls Generation)

7. Gang Hi Chae
She's more of a cutie than a beauty, I think...

6. Hyo Ri Lee
She's famous for being sexy in Korea.

5. Yuri
(from Girls Generation, for the second time...)

4. Na Young Lee

3. Tae Yeon
(from Girls Generation, for the third time...) 

2. Mina Shin

1. Jessica
(from Girls Generation for the whooping fourth time!!!!)

This result tells me 2 interesting things...

1. 4 out of 10 celebrities popular among women are from the Girls Generation, a recently
popularity-gaining group, who won the k-pop award 3 years in a row...!
Maybe this is why the Girls Generation is so popular. It's popular among both male and female.

2. Jessica is very pretty, but she's not considered one of the top 10 prettiest celebrities according to MALE standard...
Maybe this is why some girls who look so pretty go other girls' eyes just fail in getting male attention...
I mean, I have a friend who I think is so pretty, but she attracts many, many lesbians but no man.

Having done this blog makes me want to see male celebrities that Korean MALES like...

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