Friday, January 13, 2012

What Do Korean Armies Eat?

Ever wondered what armies eat?

All I know about American armies is that they eat packaged food.
The packaged food heats itself when it is opened.
Isn't that cool??

Korean armies do, too, but there are some special food the armies eat, usually for snack.
Much has changed to become better, but these stay sturdy in its place.



Shovel fried eggs!!!
I would say "EWWWWWW"
but knowing how hard it is to be in the army in Korea, I cannot dare say it.
I admit, if I were one of those guys, I would just chew it down, includig the shovel.
Although I'm a female (soooo happy to be one when it comes to men being required to go to the army)
I've heard so many harsh stories about how hungry and tired they keep you.
In fact, many men drop dead...
no kidding.

Here's our next popular food!
Ramen is one of Korea's most popular food that is known worldwide.
However, ramen is one of the most rare snacks if you are in the army.

It's true many people like ramen,
but I think the reason Korean men just LOVE ramen is because of the
memory of getting to eat ramen when they were in the army
hungry and about to drop dead.

Since the armies have only a couple of minutes to eat, they
cook several ramens at the same time and just split them up in seperate bowls.

when they do not have bowls,
they just pour the hot water into the bag of ramen.
It is extremely unhealthy to pour something hot in plastic bags,
but they really are not given that many options.
But the longer you are in the army, the better service and options you have.

When the armies are away from their camps/sleeping places,
they pack some ramen in a boiling container
and eat them for lunch during breaks... if they are lucky enough to be given one.

Our next snack is ...
hard tack!
Many of you probably never even heard of this, but anyone who has
served for the country knows what this is.

It tastes so blunt and dry, but to the armies,
this was probably one of the few options of food they had for years. 

The armies also do not have much entertainment,
so one of them drew Korean cards in the hard tacks to play games.

I'm sure many people don't get how hard it is to be in the army.
It's well known only in Korea, because all Korean men are required to serve in the army for
almost 2 years.
If you do not, you really have to start running away...
No exceptions whatsoever.

So don't think so cheap or unsanitary of the armies.
They just have no choice, and they are there to serve the country.

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