Thursday, January 12, 2012

K-pop: I.U. is On the Popularity Ride

There are so many k-pop singers and celebrities getting popular,
but the singer getting one of the biggest popularity ride is
IU, NOT as in Indiana University. 
Just simply


One of her songs called Good Day (좋은날) was the second, then it became the FIRST most popular song  in no time, and the heat lasted for a while.
Oh, please rest assured. I'll be sure to put up the music video somewhere below.

But even the famous IU had her big failures...
She has been auditioning for years, and she was rejected by the famous entertainment company
JYP (lead by Jin Young Park who produced Wonder Girls, 2PM, Rain, etc...) more than 15 times.
Fortunately, she was recognized by another entertainment company.
BTW, she was born in 1993.... So she's only 18 this year, and she's this big of a star!!!

I quite adore her, but music is to be heard, not described.
So here are her music videos.
I love her,
but after all, you're the judge :)
Tell us what you think!

This is her most recent hit song: You and I

Below are some of her hit songs in the past.
Never gets old, though
(... since today was the first time I heard them...)

Good Day

On the Train

Those were her pretty sides.
Let's look at some of her funny side. 

How do you like her laugh?

How would you like some of her song's high-pitched part's parody?

Recently, Corinne Bailey Rae invited IU as a guest singer to her performance,
and even better,
Corinne presented IU a song called  4AM.
Check it out!

Isn't she good? :)
At least, she's good of her age, isn't she?

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