Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1st and 2nd Place: Super Star K's Stars

Why did I not do the 2nd and the 1st places' blogs separately?
Because they're inseparable...
They've been tied together under the name "Super Star Gay", yes, gay, not K.
Okay, they're not actually gay, but they're so close and they're like brothers.
They really didn't want to compete with each other,
but they were the last two finalists left!!

This is Huh Gak, who won the first place, and...

This is John Park, who won the second place.
He used to go to Northwestern University, just 10 minutes from my house!!!!
Darn it... Should have gone and seen him before he became famous...

Oh, if you think he looks familiar,
then you've probably seen him in the American Idol.
I can't remember if he was one of the top 10 or 20 finalists....
Well, yea you're not going crazy. You're fine.

So since they're the only two left, you'd think they'd be competitive with each other right?
But as the PD of this program Super Star K says,
he was scared this day would come, where they HAD to leave the two alone in a house.
(Just in case you guys didn't get it, he was joking that they were gay because they are so close!)
Look how you can't find any rivalry between them...!

By the way, this picture is even before they were officially selected top 10, or top 11 in this case.
Huh Gak was crying because he was so happy John Park made it in, too... 

I mean, yeah, they were best friends ever since they first met.

John Park and Huh Gak's songs were very popular the very first time they released their CD's.
They were also very big in Japan and other Asian countries.

John Park is now a singer and a model because of his attractive voice and looks,
and Huh Gak continues impressing people just with his voice.

Super Star K Season ended a couple months ago, so we'll be introducing them to you soon!
Hang on! :)

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