Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Part 1:Big Well-Being Korean Market- Kyong Dong Market

Ever wondered what REAL Korean market is like
behind all those shopping malls and squeaky-clean food markets?
Ever felt like you want to buy things that are more raw, untouched, and less decorated
with plastic bags, or already cleaned and chopped in to pieces?

Well, here it is, in Kyong Dong Market, composed of 5 or 6 large groups of markets.

It may seem messy,
but it's more raw and less touched by hands, machines, knives, and other cleansing chemicals.
It's a market that is a step closer to the farmers.
If the fancy food malls are refined, white, crystal sugar, 
then this market is the water squeezed out directly from sugar canes,
which are grown by farmers.
I'm trying to say it's less refined, more natural and pure.

Look at those garlic....
They still have their stems!!!!
Where in the usual food malls can you find them?

Another cool thing about this market is that this place is where
70% of Korean traditional medicine come from.
Back in the old days, people used roots, fruits, leaves, and other natural material
to cure themselves instead of advil or tylenol.

As you may have guessed, these are great for your body,
but DEATH to your tongue....
But I swear, it works!
Not all of them are bitter by the way...
Some of them are sweet, and some people drink them as juice as though it's something like a lemonade.

The famous ginseng....
BTW! Ginseng, like any other healthy food, may not be for everyone
just like peanuts are great but not for everyone...
So before consuming this in buckets,
consult your doctor or at least do some research on who should or shouldn't take ginseng...

Some baby radish for radish kimchi (Chongak Kimchi 총각김치)

Dried fish

There were some gross things sold in this place, too....
Like pork feet (Jokbal 족발) or chicken feet (Dakbal 닭발)
I know it's really gross,
but both of these are actually really good for your skin
because it contains lots of collagen...

We'll show you some more of what this market's got to offer.
Now, don't get grossed out because I gave you a gross ending!!!
Man it up!!!

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