Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Korean (...or My) Christmas Eve Party!!!

Before you read!!!
This is not me, this is my boss speaking,
and he's a more direct, nicer person and doesn't use such biting sarcasm as I do.
So if you're suddenly thinking that I became nicer,
then I'll pop your bubbles right here even before you start creating it.

So here he is:

My brother and I work multiple jobs, so 
we get up early in the morning,
and sleep early in the morning.
We thought we deserved an End-of-the-year party to blow our stresses away for a little bit.
Luckily, my friend was opening a party in his parent's Korean barbecue restaurant.
It was so considerate since they were closing the place for the day for our party.

Since it was a Christmas eve,
we decided to do something like a secret Santa

Except I bought one more gift for all the friends:
We promised that if any of us wins the lottery, we'll all get an equal share.
I know it could look naive and totally immature, but who knows... We'll keep you posted on this! :)

Back to secret Santa....
Not really.
We decided to spice it up a notch by writing numbers on the paper and choose the gifts
according to the number we picked...

This is me giving out the pieces of papers with a number on each of them.
I looked pretty weird, so I photoshopped myself with a big glass that came along with the big eyebrows, a nose, and a mustache...

I don't know why, but our friends started getting a little crazy...
like this guy wearing a big, blond wig for the picture. Hmmm..
Well, he got a ... Air plane toy...?
And he seems to really really like it...?

He opened the box right after the picture, all so excited.
Then he shuts the box tight after seeing all the parts of the plane he has to arrange.

The guy on the left really likes to drink, so he got a bottle of soju and a message that says "No Alcohol This Year". He likes it. I don't know about the "No Alcohol This Year" part of the gift...
The girl on the right got a CD of the concert we recently went to, and an iPhone accessory.

Is that a triangle he's holding? Oh my god, that's so exciting. So exciting. The best gift ever.

He's also got an angry.... grey rubber gecko...
It's so unfair that he's got this.
He's getting all the nice gifts!!!

Me = Santa substitute

This light is pretty.
And its switch is made of... Oh my God.

Her hand touching the "switch" was kind of trembling... lol

So we eat, drink, eat, drink, eat, and drink.

When the atmosphere is casual and jolly enough, we play the game called
The one who picks the paper that has something other than an "ok" or a "pass"
has to drink this "health drink" which is a mix of one raw egg, and a shot of soju.
Let's see who's the unlucky one for the day...

Looks like thisguy's it.

Eww.... Here the worst part of the  "health drink" comes....!!!

The second unlucky one for the day was this guy.
He's a really squeamish guy, so I bet his reactions will be priceless.

Yes. His face. Priceless.

Everyone was having so much fun :)
The girl on the right was even drunk enough to shoot me a... a gecko.
How DO you even shoot a gecko?
Does pulling its tails make a bullet come out of a gecko's mouth?

This one stole the wig from the other guy.
Haha, this wig's pretty popular.

By the time we brought out the Christmas cake at 12:00 AM,
some people were falling asleep.
It's okay. We'll just very generously give him a cake-cream face massage.

Even after he woke up, he didn't know he had it on his face for hours. :D

Anyway, it was a great party.
We didn't do anything too exciting (yeah. right.) but the whole point of
the party was to finally get to spend some time with your friend you normally cannot spend time with.
I used to think that holidays existed for companies to make people spend money,
but now I know it's for people to spend time with their friends and families.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

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