Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Part 2: Big Well-Being Korean Market- Kyong Dong Market

Kyong Dong Market continued...

These look like Korean dates....
They're smaller than the middle-eastern ones,
but sweeter, and they're sometimes eaten raw because it has a crunchy, sweet
texture like an apple.
But it's more often dried and used for tea.

Like this Cinnamon and Ginger Date tea,
which is known to cure soar throat just like ginger-honey tea.

Talk about tea....?
This is ALL tea.

Wait, wait...
I just found something really gross.
Dried centipede!!!
It makes me want to throw up just saying the word centipede....
This one's a North Korean medicine,
and it's very well proved to decode poison.
Actually... I'd rather die from poison that eat that....
But yeah, it is scientifically proven to take out poison out of your body.

They eat this dried centipede in powder in a capsule,
or they make alcohol drink out of it.
I... I just...

All that Dwenjang (Korean Miso) hung up on the ceiling!

Tons of dried red chilly.
Oh, if you think this is too much,
believe me when I say this is not even close...
I bet one family of 4 people can finish this much dried red chilly in less than a year.
Ever noticed so many of Korean food are red...?
Not just kimchi, but soups, noodles, and banchans (side dishes)...
Yeah. That's all dried red chilly powder, yo!

Grinding those chilly...

I don't know how this man does that without a gas mask on.
The AIR was spicy!
Just looking at this picture makes my eyes water up...
I swear he's somehow evolved to form some special organ that blocks out 
the spicy air!!!

If I had this place closer to my house,
I'd definitely shop in this place rather than a food mall....

Anyway was this fun trip for u guys~?

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