Tuesday, January 17, 2012

N Seoul Tower, Korea's Empire State Building (Part 1)

It's Korean Thanksgiving,
and we really should have known that this place was going to be crowded.
Of course it's crowded. It's Namsan Tower, for God's sake!
But since we drove all the way here, we can't back down anymore...
so here we go, on the cable car that's approaching us right now...

A shot from the cable car... :)

Ahhhh all this fresh air!!!
I love it....
So many trees.
I love nature, because I live more of a city life, and I do miss nature...
The air literally tastes sweet...!

Talk about sweet air...

Yeah, I miss resting in the shades rather than resting under an air conditioner...

Here's the famous "Lock of Love" place...
Couples who are dating come here to "seal" their relationship by locking a lock together...
promising their future together till death.
It's romantic in a way,
but I wonder how many of those couples are still going out.

Korea has many myth like... you're not supposed to eat seaweed soup the morning you have a test in school.
They also think that if you don't celebrate your 22nd day anniversary or your 50th day anniversary,
then you'll break up.
Honestly, they're really cute, and it gives couples something to celebrate,
but I think this is bullshit
because I have an American boyfriend who I've been going out with for 2 years without
celebrating those days...
So couples who missed their 22nd and 50th anniversaries,
don't worry. You'll be fine :)

here's our Namsan Tower....

Wanna go sky-diving from Namsan Tower?
...or you can not die sky-diving from Namsan tower and just safely go up with an elevator
and just enjoy the view of Korea, yeah?

... don't jump off the Namsan Tower, please...
We'll see you in our next post about what it looks liek when you get up there!

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