Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Korea Gives K-Pop Calender For Free

The number of tourists visiting Korea has increased tremendously,
and K-pop is now known world wide with tons of non-Korean listeners.

Speaking of K-pop, I hear Korean government made some cool calenders for
the tourists

Here's the calender of the talk:
Cool cover, yeah?

Now, let's see our stars.... :) Finally!

January - Super Junior

February - Kara

March - 4minute

April - F(x)

May - Wonder Girls

June - Sistar

July - 2PM

August - 2NE1

September - Miss A

October - BEAST

November - T-ara

December - Big Bang

By the way,
I saw the member Victory from this group Big Bang,
and I confirmed his nickname "panda" with my very own eyes.
He really did have very very dark, deep dark-circles.
It was a late hour at a supermarket around my house.
Had I know this was going to happen, I would have brought a pen and a paper for his autograph!!!
Darn it...

But even more importantly,
people planning on visiting Korea soon should really start looking for this
because the government is not going to print out an infinite number of these awesome calenders!

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