Tuesday, January 17, 2012

N Seoul Tower, Korea's Empire State Building (Part 2)

Up we came to the top floor of Namsan Tower...!
It's 777ft high.
If your date's scared of height,
please don't take him/her here..... lol
You won't make it to the next date if you do...

This place is for people to write on for memory's sake that they've been here.
....but what's with all these Korean couples???
They really seem to want to let the whole world they're going out...
Most of these are couples writing that they've been here.... in our faces...

This is Seoul in one look...

We could clearly see the cloud's shadows moving along
and we also got to see Namsan Tower's shadow from the top of the tower :)

By the time we left,
I felt really refreshed and energized for some reason...
I guess it's good to know what it's like to look at the big picture of where you really live.
Maybe it's because it gave me a feeling that I'm not alone, not even in this busy city.

If you feel a little lonely,
maybe you could come up here, too and let yourself know that you're really not alone at all.

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