Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Korea's Mochi Shop in the Streets of Insa-dong

We decided to walk a little bit
since we drive around so much and never really walk anymore.
This was in Insa-dong.

While walking, we saw an interesting-looking Italian restaurant called Palazzo Due...
Looks like a place we could blog soon.... eh? *Hint hint!!!*

I saw some interesting-looking people walking around, too.
Hmm... Interesting city...

...and also an interesting place!!
It was called Bizeun, and it was a mochi shop.
It was cool that there was still a mochi shop in Korea.
I thought they were kind of out of fashion...
Anyway, their mochis were made of 100% Korean rice.

Ohhhhh, now I know why they still exist.
They don't just make mochi.
They make whooping CAKES out of mochi!
I didn't know that was even possible,
but they sure look really good...
There were tables for the guests just like a cafe...
Mochi cafe? Interesting...

There were also fist-sized mochi balls with some sweet red bean paste in them.

I was trying to avoid snacks that day,
but since these were 100% rice,
I thought I could get a piece of their sweet pumpkin rice cake.

I swear, if this company goes overseas,
it will grow so big.... SO big.
If you haven't tried this before,
you definitely should because this is a perfect combination of a cake and mochi.

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