Sunday, January 15, 2012

Korean Canned Food Collection1

I thought canned foods were really interesting
because they reflect some of the most interesting food of the culture.
Let's see what we have in a Korean home-plus :)

Let's start from the most exotic canned food ever.
I swear you cannot fine them anywhere else. Not even in Mars.
Tuna cans!!!!!!!

Oh, wait, $#!t.... Sorry, I screwed up.
You can find tuna cans basically ANYWHERE you go,
but these tuna cans you will not be able to find...

Jjajang-sauced tuna can,
Jjajang is the same black sauce that goes in to Jjajangmyun
I think it's made out of black bean...
It's a kind of sweet sauce.

and some chilly tuna cans.
These are actually spicy!

If the kind of tuna cans produced above are from the Coke company,
then the ones produced below are from the Pepsi company.
I'm not trying to say that soda companies are making tuna cans.
I'm just trying to say that the tuna cans above were the original ones.
This one came later, and I personally think that it tastes better...
or should I say, fresher?
And obviously, the red can, the chilly one is spicy.

Okay, the tuna cans kind of failed at reflecting Korean culture,
but this one definitely will make up for the loss.
These are some of the most delicious banchan (side dishes) of Korea, I think.
These are quailed eggs in some special kind of soy sauce, and they're absolutely great.
This one's still one of my favorite banchans ever.

There's a similar thing you do to the quail eggs, except this time it's beef.
Both are very popular and traditional.
Often times, they put both been and the quail eggs together.

The prices really range depending on the company it was made from, and its flavor.
I think they have spicy flavors, too... 
Hmmm, I should try the spicy ones.

I was going to end this with something really really traditionally Korean,
but I fail.
Our last canned food turns out to be spicy barbecued chicken.
Eh, not all that traditional, but I think it'd taste really good.

I really should go canned food shopping
because all these new, funky canned food are popping up from everywhere!!!

Oh, wait, look out guys.
We're doing a part 2 of this canned food collection...

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